Kookaburra balls to be used in domestic cricket

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to use Kookaburra balls in domestic cricket.A PCB official told ‘The News’ that the Australian Kookaburra balls will be used for all domestic cricket matches to be staged under the board. “Be it first class, back-up, Under-19 or women’s cricket, it has been decided to use Kookaburra balls from now on,” the PCB spokesman said.It will not be for the first time that Kookaburra balls are to be used in domestic cricket. The imported balls were first used from 2000-2007. Then the Ijaz Butt-led administration decided to use locally manufactured balls. Grays and Duke balls have been regularly used since then.“We have some heavy international commitments ahead of us. The T20 World Cup, Women’s World Cup, Under-19 World Cup and a host of other international commitments are to be held with the Kookaburra balls. So the appropriate course of action should be to start playing with these cricket balls at all levels in domestic tournaments,” he said.It was agreed upon in a series of meetings that domestic cricket requires improvement in fielding, application of technique and other areas.“It has also been decided that during the national camps the same brand of cricket balls will be used.”Pakistan might also host Sri Lanka for a two-Test series starting from October 1. The Sri Lankan security delegation is due in Pakistan in August after which the venues for the series will be finalised. “Even for the home series, Kookaburra balls will be used.”The general impression about the Kookaburra balls is that it starts off very well, offering assistance to quality players — both bowlers and batsmen. However, when it gets soft, dislodging batsmen becomes difficult.

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