Japan athletics execs slam 2020 Olympic marathon move

TOKYO: Japanese athletics officials on Tuesday slammed the decision to move the 2020 Olympic marathon and race-walking events from Tokyo to Sapporo, saying the move did not put competitor interests first.The IOC ordered the move last month after seeing athletes struggle to cope with hot and humid conditions at the world championships in Doha in September.The announcement caught Tokyo 2020 organisers by surprise, and on Tuesday Kazunori Asaba -- training chief of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) -- told reporters it should never have been made.“It´s like the athletes who had been training for many years to climb Everest were told just nine months before they would go to a different mountain,” he said. The decision “does not put athletes first in a real sense”, he added. “From the perspective of training... ´athletes first´ means not wasting their efforts.”

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