PCB Board of Governors to discuss departmental teams future

KARACHI: PCB Board of Governors meeting will be held in Lahore on Friday to discuss various issues including the future of departmental teams, ‘The News’ has learnt.The meeting will be chaired by chairman Ehsan Mani. An official said it would be discussed in the meeting whether the departmental teams should be allowed to participate in local, privately-organised events, in order to keep the careers of their cricketers alive.More than 700 cricketers have been deprived of opportunity to play domestic cricket under the new format devised by the PCB. ‘The News’ has reported that some well-known cricket organisers in Karachi want to organise one-day and T20 tournaments for departmental teams, so that the cricketers who are not part of PCB’s domestic format may continue their careers.Informed sources said that at least two cricket events in Karachi were planned by two different organisers who are likely to seek permission from the PCB. Some sources said that most of the departments have expressed their interest in participating in these events.

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